9 Jul 2014

How to leverage Hangouts On Air for Brand Recognition

How to leverage Hangouts On Air for Brand Recognition

Of all the tools that Google+ gives us for free, #HangoutsOnAir are the most direct way to reach an audience.

Whether you're:

  • hoping to build your brand;
  • connect with influencers or potential customers;
  • bring a specific issue/offer/service (delete as applicable) to light;
  • or, in private, hold a team meeting,

Hangouts can facilitate you. However, as with all things Google+, there's a learning curve.

Don't get me wrong, there are many individuals giving their time for free to help those new to the platform understand its many nuances. The problem, half the time, is finding those people and brands.

Connecting new Google+ users to influencers

As well as these helpful soles, many of whom are moderators in Google+ Communities, brands engage the platform, too. And not only marketers, cited often by social media 'experts' as the reason they're not active on there.

In the following interview with Ronnie Bincer, we learn what inspired him to set the industry pace with Hangouts. Moreover, using the insight he offers, how you can adopt the tool to take your content marketing to the next level.

Rich Brooks, who conducts the interview, brings Ronnie out of the green room and directly into the spotlight. As well as getting to meet the man behind control-deck, we also learn how to:

  1. use Hangouts as a networking and communications tool;
  2. bring a guest into a Hangout who's not on Google+;
  3. to find, engage and entice an audience to watch your HOA on YouTube;
    • (this is ideal if someone you want on the show has expressed a Jeeplusaphobia!)
  4. use Hangouts to build personal and professional relationships

The G+ Community Vibe - it's a Solid Bond!

To underpin the notion that there are helpers abound, this post (embedded below) was originally shared into the Google Plus for Small Business community. The long skyscraper image to the left highlights the community's popular categories and shows the current membership volume, too. It's an active community!

It's free-to-join and is owned, moderated and maintained by a selection of Google+ power-users (for whom I can personally vouch). Between them, there's nothing you can ask about Small biz or G+ that they won't have an answer for. If they're unsure, they'll often dig deep and do the donkey work. They are that darned good!

It's a great community to begin your G+ journey on a sound footing. Once you're in there, go that one step further: spread your wings and indulge in a HOA airing, too.

If you have any comments or questions yourself, do drop them in below. I look forward to seeing you in there or on air!