Welcome to copywriter's toolbox.

Google Plus holds a plethora of information. The problem most new users have when encountering Google's "Social Layer" is finding that data.

Having been here since September 2011, I've seen this much-maligned (but totally awesome) Ghost Town platform evolve. I've witnessed the birth and rise of many GPlus superstars. And the demise of a few, who tried to get away with tactics other networks tolerate.

That's an important point. You can't compare Google+ to any other network. You won't find many #IRL friends. G+ is all about making new acquaintances with whom you have a common interest (beyond bloodline and alumni).

What's Copywriter's Toolbox all about, then?

The purpose of this blog is to help new users, in particular copywriters, find the brand pages they follow on t'internet at large.

I say "copywriters", but don't panic if you don't consider yourself one of those. Yet. You'll still find handy hints and tips about social, website development and the G+ platform itself to help you build brand awareness.

As brands find their footing on social, many small business owners find themselves juggling tasks. Content is still the heart of social media/internet/digital or just plain marketing, call it what you will. The trick now is conveying your content's message seamlessly across social and keeping a handle on it all.

That sounds a tough ask, moreso if you're a solopreneur. But there are ways to automate your posting, meaning that you can be in two places (or more) at once. Just don't get to thinking that you can automate the subsequent conversations.

So, as well as covering blogging tools in the traditional sense, you'll find brands on this blog who help you stay on top of your 'mentions'. Or to give that practise its technical term, help you engage in social listening.

You wouldn't ignore your smartphone if there was a potential customer on the end of the line, would you? Think of every mention as an incoming call or email and you'll start to realise the opportunities that lie aplenty on G+ (and beyond).

Don't forget to circle me and join the 20k+ idiots followers who've allowed me to influence their G+ experience to date. Buckle up; I'll see you there!