Look Up and Book Up

Use this page to view my free time and working hours and book me for your semantic copy or consultancy thereof. If you need to talk about your content strategy and how it aligns with your social efforts, this is the place to start.

In an ideal world, I'd love to be able to pick up the phone to everyyone at any time. Truth is, writing is a creative process and doesn't work with distractions abound.

To do your copywriting justice, I have to first inflate an impregnable bubble around me. Then I have to climb inside it with all of my research notes and seal it off until the first draft's finished.

That bubble has a very thin wall; once it's popped, it can take hours to rebuild. Worst case scenario, you can lose your mojo for the rest of the day.

So please, do beg my pudding. When I'm in ::write mode::, I shut down Skype, e-mail, calendar, phone - anything that will disturb the creative workflow.

That's also the reason there's a minimum 36-hour wait on my booking form. You can access it just above or go to its expanded, full-browser view online. The calendar defaults to 36 hours from now, so any time in green, you're good to go.

Semantic Copywriting for your website and social platforms

The products I provide are:

  • semantic web-friendly content;
  • associated social media distribution;
    • (copy I've produced or your existing content)
  • consultancy to enable you or your team of copywriters to harness Web 3.0.

The chances are, you have a team looking after your SEO. That's fine, too. I'll work alongside them and maybe even give them a hint or two on Semantic Optiisation, too ;)

If you have a specific, burning writing enquiry in mind, please do nip across to the Semantic Writing Submission Form here on site. You can use this whether you've come from my booking form in the wild or landed here from search/social/at random.

I'll get an immediate notification of your submission, which you can edit if you boo-boo first time. If I'm not in my bubble, I can get back to you forthwith and/or prepare for the consultancy you've booked via the Darrelldoo booking form.

Want to book me through a trusted third party? No problem

Maybe you like the look of my copywriting service but want the confidence to book it through a third party. That's fine. I totally get it. ☺

Head right on over to my Semantic X-Ray Article 'Hourlie' on PPH.

You can build and order a bespoke, one-off article, along with extras, such as the social to accompany it. Everything you get in the 'Hourlie' I base on the Semantic XRay* and Organic Copywriting and Best Practices** I use.

The video that heads up the Hourlie when you get there is my guest appearance on the Midweek Marketing Zap. It will give you an insight into my processes and how Google is raising the bar in search.

You can also view the Semantic X-Factor show recording (Zara's choice, not mine ;)) on Zara's YouTube channel.

* The Semantic X-Ray is a working model of the tests through which I analyse, extract and re-test content before I deem it publishable. There's a page dedicated to it here on a dedicated Semantic X-Ray page.

** Also, you can skim this 18-page presentation on organic copywriting. This explains more about why I go to the lengths n the Semantic X-Ray that I do. Plus, there's a little on how I do it, too. I look forward to working with you. In the meantime, Enjoy:

p.s.If you're looking for a complete SEO package, I recommend booking an appointment with SEO Workers.

I've had the good fortune to work with the CTO on many occasions. No one - and I do mean no one - understands the way the Semantic Web works better than he.